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Hello people! Today is my 20th birthday and I'm spending the day with my family + best friend! My first two in my age feels weird but also so mature! 18 was a big thing, but in 10 years from now I'll be 30. This sounds SOO weird! In the upcoming 10 years there will be so much happening (at least I think it will). I'll graduate from University, find a job, find a man and maybe have kids when I'm about to turn 30. Crazy! I talked about that subject with my best friends and they said: Yes, we are getting old! Also when I talk to my mum right now about my sister turning 25 next year and being grandmother in maybe 5 years? It's all changing so quickly; time is flying! But I'm so excited for the happenings to come. And I also wanted to mention that I'm so lucky to live the life I have. Sometimes you forget but then you come home and appreciate the little things in life (the big ones as well ofc). To have a healthy and happy family, friends that protect your back and are always by your side when you really need them. I recently watched a movie where so many people lost their home and family, and I just cried because it can happen any time. So be happy and appreciate everything you have. Mum, dad, brother, sister: Thank you! I love you from the bottom of my heart to the moon and back, unconditionally. LOVE!



Metal toe sneakers - Adidas, H&M skirt and sweater, Gina Tricot jacket and YSL bag


H&M skirt and sweater, YSL bag, Jaeger Lecoultre Watch 



Vintage oversized shirt, H&M skirt and hat, Humanic ankle boots, YSL bag


Coat - Someday, Leather pants and t-shirt dress - Zara, Boots - Humanic, Bag - YSL
Autumn has officially arrived to my hometown and I'm enjoying it to the maximum. I adore colorful leaves and colder degrees (but with sun ofc); so I can wear my fav clothing pieces - outerwear! I stole this coat from my mama since I loved it so much when I saw it. I only have a blazer in this checked print but I thought this one looks so cool too! I already mentioned it a billion times but I am obsessed with leather! Could wear it all day every day for the rest of my life haha; it just works with everything. During Uni mornings I noticed that I wear at least one piece of leather everyyyy day (kinda crazy). If it's a piece of clothing, or a bag, or accessories - doesn't matter; one item every day (and not even aware of it). Anyways; all details are stated above, lots of love xx

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