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I've spent the weekend in Luxembourg, as usual the weather wasn't that pleasant but we made it work! Ate good food, played with the dog and relaxed :-) I feel like I wore this dress already a million times? It's just so easy! And my beloved Stan Smith of course, can't remember the last time I put them back in their box.. I wore them nonstop haha. Now I'm back in my bed watching Rizzoli & Isles, already at season 7.. Went by so fast. I got so many series recommendations on Snapchat that I'm working hard on watching all of them haha. Anyways, lots of love <3


OBSESSED WITH GINGHAM PRINT! Bought this bikini at the H&M sale section and it caught my sight immediately. It has this beautiful ruffle top which I thought looked so cute on and an amazing bottom. It fits so nicely! And how nice is this background though? All these olive trees and greens gave me this mooood. And not to forget my straw hat which was a must since I don't like to get my face burnt from day 1.. Kisses & hugs!


feeling so girly today.. Wearing a bikini from the newest H&M bikini collection. I also layed out my pool essentials, which contains: SPF 50 (this sunscreen smells SO good, like fresh coconut I swear!), cold peach ice tea; so yummy,  headphones, D&G sunnies and ofc my phone I held in my hands.. :P I nearly searched everyday for a new place to take pictures around the pool, which was kinda hard because the shadow was where it was not supposed to be, the sun hit my face ride away or it was 50°C in the sun and I sweated like crazy. But I made it work! Hugs xx


Wearing a dress from Boohoo and I kinda reminded me of a strawberry with all the dots haha. But I liked it! And again my trusty Pull&Bear espadrilles platforms. On this day we had more of a chill night, with pizza and a nice sunset. So so nice! <3 Love


We had a tennis court! At the house we rented we also had a tennis court which ofc we didn't use since it was 39°C+ from 9 to 21 o'clock and the floor was made of asphalt so in case you fell it would hurt.. a lot. So I used it for pictures instead :P My mumma took these pictures and yes she agreed to upload them! And again a bikini from H&M and hat as well. Tomorrow we are gonna go to a local market for fresh veggies & fruit. They seem to taste A LOT better than what I'm used to which is kind of sad because I want to have this kind of quality ALL THE TIME. The peaches here are mind absolute fav so don't miss out on them. Lots of love <3 
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