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How crazy you guys, it's been 5 YEARS since I've published this blog and I have to admit so many things have changed. As you may have noticed my motivation through-out the years has faded - for multiple reasons. I often thought about deleting my blog because there's no point in having a blog without publishing on a regular basis. But then I thought: I put so much work, love and time to create my 'personal' blog where I posted anything I did basically. Of course when being only 15 years old (!!) I was interested in SO many things and I posted it. I have grown up (at least a bit). I went from posting everyday to three times a week to once in two weeks and so on. I can only say that I am still active on Instagram and I won't stop taking and posting pictures because I love it, but I'll stop posting on here for unlimited time. I hope you understand my decision, lots of love. 


Stole my mama's coat for these pictures, I'd LOVE to own a jacket like this one because it kept me SOO warm. I literally feels like you're wearing your bedcover - so cozy! And also can we talk about the background? It was around 5 pm here and the sun was about to go down and it was chilly but still a little light out and I just loved the atmosphere of the crashing waves + blue pink sky :-))  


Nothing better than a cozy fur jacket on cold days (even when you're in your house). This one is an old jacket from Zara, but for sure you can find similar ones in online shops too! 



The beautiful haven of Dubrovnik. Just look at the water, and it's December!! Dreammmm <3
Just me enjoying the sun and warmth on the balcony of our hotel. And wow these chairs really got me when I first saw them. I actually took notes of every item I saw in the hotel (also the carpet in our room was SO nice, I need it at my place!) 
Again me :P With my beautiful new Céline sunnies <3
Breakfast with a view <3
Ate this omelette literally every morning. Sometimes even two of them because they were this good. It's actually so simple to make but I never find time in the morning to do them.. Need to start that in the new year!
Again, the view!! 
When we explored the old town wall, so beautiful <3
And the view from our room. I got ready every morning behind the window and just enjoyed the view. Love! <3


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