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Wow.. Long time no see. I'm so sorry for my absence on my blog and certainly on my Instagram profile (it's been a freaking month??), but there were so many things going on. I don't want to talk about everything in detail, only about that it's getting much harder to blog on a regular basis (like how it was in school as well). Today I went to the civil office and re-registered myself in my new city. They put a sticker on my old address and it kinda made me sad. Of course my home will always be my parents place but I still need to get used to his. What this means for my blog: I'm still trying to update my blog at least once a week. Although I'm trying my hardest to post more often it's hard and I won't promise things I can't stick to. My timetable is full of classes and I'm coming home late; so now I have to find a routine that's working out with all the happenings right now and I hope I can stick to this routine for the future. Regards xx

My 'new' home. At least it looks beautiful and I feel comfortable! Missing my old room though.


Turtleneck - Mango, Skirt - H&M, Coat - Zara, Bag - YSL, Jewelry - Pandora and Shashi
On some days you just feel like adding a little colorful detail to your look. And for this outfit I choose a vampy color on the lips! I mixed my favorite combo of dark shades; which are Mac lip liner "Nightmoth" and Chanel Rouge Allure "109 Rouge Noir". These two together are just pure love! And it's crazy that I already dug out my turtleneck - and it's not even fall yet. My outfit wasn't completely black though since I added my grey masculine coat on top (not the most colorful look haha). Love! 



Shirt - Vintage, Pants - Zara, Shoes - Adidas Stan Smith, Bag - YSL, Jewelry - Pandora & Shashi
Recently a "new" friend from the UK visited me and she was also the person who took these pictures. I really wanted to snap this outfit since this is my go-to when it's not so sunny out and I don't want to think a lot haha. I basically LIVE in these sneakers; like for real - I wore them in every single city I've been to the last 2 years. They are just the comfiest & most stylish shoes I own on a daily basis. And can we talk about the fact that I have a minimum of 20 shirts in my closet? I think they are so easy! Most of the times I pair them (like here) with leather pants or skirts! You still look dressed up even when you're not really.. :P Kisses & hugs!


Trenchcoat - VILA, Dress - Zara, Boots - Sigrun Woehr, Bag - YSL
Autumn is almost here! I love spring and fall so much; I think the temperatures are so much more comfortable than a very cold winter or really hot summer! I love wearing jackets but wearing a dress underneath so it has to be a bit of both - warm & cold. I recently discovered my old navy blue boots in the corner of my cabinet and thought; why not wear them again! They have this Texas/cowgirl/vintage vibe to it and they make this cool sound while walking (am I the only one who finds this satisfying?). My trusty black basic dress I wore honestly a billion times since I have it and my trenchcoat; which is the perfect coat for fall! I need one in black as well but I guess I will be wearing the black one only.. Kisses xx



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Since I'm in the middle of the moving process I thought I could give you a little sneak peek of what my apartment will look like or at least what I'm expecting it to look like. I have this beautiful green statement furniture from USM and I'll build around this piece of furniture. Some green accents here and silver details there and it will all look so nice! I really want it to blend well, so I'm mostly going for green - silver - white - black color theme. I'm going to place a plant next to it as well. And side note; as a soon-to-live-alone person I get to think about things I never thought of? I take so many objects for granted and this has to change right now. Who knows a good vacuum cleaner haha? Anyways, hope that inspired you a little. Lots of kisses xx
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