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The beautiful haven of Dubrovnik. Just look at the water, and it's December!! Dreammmm <3
Just me enjoying the sun and warmth on the balcony of our hotel. And wow these chairs really got me when I first saw them. I actually took notes of every item I saw in the hotel (also the carpet in our room was SO nice, I need it at my place!) 
Again me :P With my beautiful new Céline sunnies <3
Breakfast with a view <3
Ate this omelette literally every morning. Sometimes even two of them because they were this good. It's actually so simple to make but I never find time in the morning to do them.. Need to start that in the new year!
Again, the view!! 
When we explored the old town wall, so beautiful <3
And the view from our room. I got ready every morning behind the window and just enjoyed the view. Love! <3




Here you have some pictures I took with my Canon during our New Years eve dinner! The highlight of the night was of course the firework at 00:00 when everyone celebrated the new year. We could have actually seen it from out balcony but we thought it was nicer to celebrate with other people too :-) We had an amazing band playing through the evening and around 10 min before midnight we all went out and celebrated. My dress is from River Island via Asos and heels also old from Zara. Lots of love and HAPPY NEW YEAR <3


29th of December 2017, first full day here in Dubrovnik. This city is incredible! If you aren't convinced after the pictures, well you should be now :-) I couldn't imagine the beauty of this country because I've never been here before but in the first seconds of being here I was just.. Overwhelmed. Literally. Not only because the city is beautiful, but also because the people are so nice, AND they are so dressed up (!!!) which I never see so much in touristic cities. All the croatian ladies had amazing clothes on and the first time ever I didn't feel like an overdressed girl hahaha. My dad showed us places where he's been when he was younger, about 30 years ago, and said that it didn't change that much. The city is super clean, super chic and very very very polite to tourists (again, not taken for granted). In some cities you just feel that you're treated like a tourist but here it's not like that. We walked around the old town and also walked on the old town walls, which was really nice. My first impressions are definitely very good and can't wait to explore it more! <3 Love
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