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So today i arrived at home from school, and like everyday i checked my e-mails and looked for new looks of my favorite bloggers. Angelica Blick posted a text about the news of sweden today. I watched a little video on a news page. OMFG i had to cry. Chinese farms torture LIVE angora rabbits for their fur. How horrible?! After you watched this video, you will never buy angora clothing again. I only have one thing with real fur, and that's a beanie, but the fur was checked! Fortunately there is a rights group called PETA who wants to STOP this shit. Thank you so much. 
Have a nice day, mine is over. 


I think I was cursed. Currently, only worse things happen to me. Damn. 2 weeks ago, I accidentally poured my soup over my upper body, so my skin was completely burned. Then I've hurt  my legs and arms several times, so I had numerous blue stains and scratches. 1 week later, i've played with my cousine's cat, and it scratched my arms and hands, that they've bled. Subsequently i had my phone in my hand, just talking about something, and later i looked on my What's App (i only have the feeds of my 2 best friends and the feeds are very important for me) and the feed of one of my best friends was AWAY! Yesterday I shaved my legs, and what happened? I cut myself enormously and it has bled very bad. Today was the high point: I've wanted to lay down my jacket on the chair, and my phone flies out of my jacket pocket - display broken. Thank you so much November for this beautiful weeks! 


// Hi! 
Today i talk about a brand called COLT. It's a pretty young brand from Karlsruhe, Baden-Württemberg. The owners are two creative guys. 
Why i write about it? It's amazing. I'm in love with their stuff. One of the owners made me a customized beanie, because he knew i love zebra haha. They have beanies, caps and clothes. There will be more in the near future, of course.

Keep updated on their Facebook-Page and on Instagram-Page1/Instagram-Page2.
They don't have an online shop/website yet, but there will be one soon.
So stay tuned, because their stuff is unique and gorgeous!
Love, Fiona


// Good morning!
Today i woke up and thought it would be a good day. The sun is finally shining after 3 weeks of rain. Wonderful. My birthday is in nearly 1 week and i'm sooooo excited!! And today in 1 month is CHRISTMAS!! I love the gorgeous deco in the city and the smell of cinamon. I have to learn now, but i'm going to the cinema tonight. Have a nice sunday!
Love, Fiona  


blue accent

|| Velvet leggings & top - H&M || Coat - Zara || Bag - LOFT || 

today's feelings

Beautiful days in my favorite city - Luxembourg ♥
Oh Gott, ich bin so müde. Und zwar nicht nur von dieser Woche, sondern von den letzten 4 Wochen. Es gab so viel zu erledigen, allein schon wegen der Schule und meinem Blog. Eigentlich habe ich mir vorgenommen täglich um 22:00 Uhr schlafen zu gehen.. Das klappt allerdings nicht wirklich haha. Demnächst stehen die Prüfungen an, deshalb muss ich zurzeit enorm viel lernen, aaaaaaaber danach habe ich wieder ein wenig Zeit für mich. Jetzt lade ich noch ein paar Outfits der letzten Tage hoch. Ich drücke denen, die auch so viel zu lernen haben wie ich, die Daumen. Ihr packt das ♥ 
Love, Fiona. 

/ / Oh god, I'm so tired. Not only this week, but the last 4 weeks. There was so much to do, Because of school and my blog. Actually i planned to go to bed every day at 10 pm ... But it doesn't work very well haha. Soon there will be my exams, so i have to learn everyday. BUT then i have a little time for me. 
Now i will upload a few outfits of the recent days. To them who also have exams: Keep learning ♥
Love, Fiona.


rocking your soul

|| Jacket and top - Zara || Skirt and tights - H&M || Bag - Miu Miu ||


|| Shoes - Doc Martens || Pants - Zara || T-Shirt - Mango || Bagpack - Topshop || Beanie - Colt Clothing ||

blue and black

|| Schuhe - Doc Martens || Hose - Zara || Pullover - H&M || Bag - Nike ||

usual monday

Mein Wochenende kam mir so kurz vor, weil ich so viele Sachen in so kurzer Zeit gemacht habe (klingt lustig). Am Freitag hatte ich Schule, dann musste ich an meinen Blog, dann Hausaufgaben und am Abend hatte ich 3 h Training. Am nächsten Tag musste ich um 10 Uhr aufstehen, da ich eine Meisterschaft mit meiner Tanzgruppe in Ludwigshafen hatte (wir sind Vize Deutsche Meister!). Ich kam um 11 Uhr nach Hause. Am Sonntag musste ich wieder Hausaufgaben machen und für Tests lernen. ABER ich habe ein wenig entspannt.. Am Abend sind meine Familie und ich zum Griechen gegangen. Eines meiner Lieblingsrestaurants. Und jetzt sitze ich hier mit meinem Tee, an einem Montag, wieder müde und tippe mein ganzes Wochenende ein, für 15 min (tolles Gefühl!). Ich hoffe, dass ihr bereits meine Looks auf Stylight geherzt habt, da nämlich heute das Ende der ersten Phase ist. Drückt eure Daumen weiter. 
Und jetzt mache ich wieder Hausaufgaben. 
Love, Fiona. 

// Hi girls!
My weekend seemed so short, mainly because i've the feeling, that i've done too much (sounds funny). On friday i had school, then i've had a lot to do for my blog (pictures, e-mails, etc.), then homework and on the evening i had 3 hours training. On the next day, i had to get up at 10 o'clock, because i had a competition with my crew in Ludwigshafen (we are the german vice champions yay!). I came home at eleven o'clock. On sunday i've had to do more homework and learn for tests. BUT i relaxed a bit so it was ok haha. On the evening my family and i went to the greek restaurant. One of my favorite food. And now, i sit here, on monday evening, tired again, typing in my whole weekend and drinking tea for 15 min (amazing feeling). I hope you already liked my last looks on Stylight, because today is the end of the first phase. So keep your thumbs pressed. And now i have to do homework again. 
Much love, Fiona.

somewhere in the night

|| Shirt & pants - Vintage || High Heels - Venus || Bag - Unknown ||
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