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I think I was cursed. Currently, only worse things happen to me. Damn. 2 weeks ago, I accidentally poured my soup over my upper body, so my skin was completely burned. Then I've hurt  my legs and arms several times, so I had numerous blue stains and scratches. 1 week later, i've played with my cousine's cat, and it scratched my arms and hands, that they've bled. Subsequently i had my phone in my hand, just talking about something, and later i looked on my What's App (i only have the feeds of my 2 best friends and the feeds are very important for me) and the feed of one of my best friends was AWAY! Yesterday I shaved my legs, and what happened? I cut myself enormously and it has bled very bad. Today was the high point: I've wanted to lay down my jacket on the chair, and my phone flies out of my jacket pocket - display broken. Thank you so much November for this beautiful weeks! 

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