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Good morning! Here you have some pictures of my weekend in Austria. We had so much fun. The weather was perfect and the sun was shining. First it was pretty hard for me because I'm not driven ski for ages haha.  But after 5 min it was all ok. The weekend was amazing!
Last day of the year 2013. How do you feel? I feel great! I've so much new inspiration and motivation for 2014! I just want to implement my ideas! My blog is getting bigger and bigger and that makes me happy! Thanks a lot for all the support! I wish you all an amazing New Year's Eve! ♥

New year is just around the corner

Hello my loves, 
I just wanted to stop by to wish you all a great last sunday evening in 2013! I'm heading over to my best friends place to celebrate Christmas and New Year, because I'm going to Belgium with my cousine on Thursday! Will be so much fun! I didn't pack my travel bag yet, 'cause I'm so stressed in the last few days. But hopefully 2014 will be more relaxed and calm. What are your wishes for 2014? Write me! 
I'm going to post my weekend in Austria tomorrow, so have a look on my blog. 
See you guys, much love, Fiona ♥ 

glory of love

|| Shoes - H&M || Shorts - MissGuided || Top - H&M || 

love what you do and do what you love

|| Shoes - Jeffrey Campbell || Skirt - Zara || Shirt - stolen from my dad || Camera - Vintage ||


Hello my loves! 
I hope you had amazing Christmas! I've got so many lovely things and I will show you them in the next few days! But today I wanted to present you some of my wishes. I'm still so young, but I have so many desires that I'm going to try to achieve. It makes me so much joy to work for my dreams. When I have the money together and can buy me the thing then, it is much nicer to me than to be able to get the thing immediately. I can still remember very well when I've saved up for my camera. I have saved every cent and had only my goal in front of my eyes. When I could buy me the camera, I was the happiest girl on earth! For me it's something very special to spend into a thing for my life. All the stuff is very expensive, but one day I hope to have everything ♥

Céline Phantom Bag Pink 1700€
Alexander Wang Rocco Bag 899€

Chanel Black 2.55 (big one) 3450€

Isabel Marant Bekett Sneaker Wedges 395€

Miu Miu Sneakers Silver 390€

Kenzo Sweater 395€

Saint Laurent Bucket Bag Blue 1450€

Balenciaga Derby-Cut-Out Boots 875€

Céline Phantom "Stamped" Croc Phantom Bag 2750€

Victoria Beckham Liberty Shopper Bag Rouge 995€
Giuseppe Zanotti Sneakers 495€



Hello my loves !
I'm terribly sorry that I haven't posted anything for more than 1 week. I had absolutely no time, because I had to organize things relating fashion week, my blog and other things. December is always very stressful because you have to organize so much for the new year! . Anyway, there is so much to tell!

I have my exams finally behind me. This feeling of having to learn anything for more than 2 weeks is incredible. I am so happy to finally be able to sleep again!

Do you know the TV show " Got to Dance"? If yes, then you can see me and my crew in the next episode! It will be on Sat1 and Pro7!

Tomorrow is CHRISTMAS! Am I the only one who feels no christmas feeling? Until now me and my family have decorated and baked anything and haven't set the tree up. Every year I wish for white christmas, but I can forget it this year. The sun is shining and blue sky? Anyway, I have the gifts already bought, so that it has at least a hint of a special day .

At the weekend I was in Austria. WONDERFUL! 2 days have felt like one week! I have such a muscle ache. Horrible haha.

I wish you a nice evening! I 'll talk to you guys tomorrow again and I'll show you all the pictures I took in the last few days ♥
Love , Fiona.


Adidas Originals by Jeremy Scott JS Wings 2.0 Black Patent

They're finally MINE! I don't know how long I wanted them..And now they're in my arms. Can't believe it! 
Maybe you saw my 'Wishlist' post a few months ago, and they were on my list. I love the style, the wings and the form of the shoes. These shoes are so special, comfy and beautiful. I think I can't get myself to wear them outside, because I don't want to make them dirty or break them..Yes I know you would think: These are just shoes! Yes, but they were very expensive and they are delicate..

I know not everybody loves them as much as I do, but for me they're perfect.
I have some 'Limited Edition' or 'Special Edition' shoes, and now these are one of them.
I hope I can bring myself to wear them (because even on a outfit shoot I'd have fear) haha. 


Hello babes! 
My exams have started yesterday. OMG I hate exams so much! I have to learn so much on the weekend. Math and German exam were fine! Next week then the last 7 and then 2 weeks christmas vacation! YEAH! I'm going to a Ski trip with my family. What are you going to do?

And now the big news: I'm invited to the Stylight Fashion Blogger Awards in Berlin! How amazing? It will be such a great evening! I will meet the best bloggers! What a honor! But now I have the problem - what should i wear? Which jewellery? Which bag? Which lipstick? So much to organize! But I'm so excited! Who is also invited? 
Love, Fiona



Good evening everybody! 
Today I've learned so much. Next week are my exams. I have so many formulas and phrases in my head that I have the feeling my head explodes immediately haha. That's weird. However. I went shopping today. Not clothing, but FOOD! So much food! I've found many inspirational recipes that I need to try out. I want to lose some weight, because in the last few months I didn't looked on what I eat. And now I have 5 kilo more on my hips. 

I need to eat healthier and more controlled (3 times a day). I've read an article about how important it is to eat breakfast. Well, I don't eat breakfast... And normally, I eat when I want to. That changes today. Every morning a healthy breakfast for more energie. I don't like diets, because I know it brings nothing. Only the unwanted yo-yo effect. I hope I can achieve it and don't eat after 3 days again lots of chocolate. Of course I will show you all the recipes, because they are amazing and yummy! Wish me luck.
Love, Fiona.

Some of the food.



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