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Adidas Originals by Jeremy Scott JS Wings 2.0 Black Patent

They're finally MINE! I don't know how long I wanted them..And now they're in my arms. Can't believe it! 
Maybe you saw my 'Wishlist' post a few months ago, and they were on my list. I love the style, the wings and the form of the shoes. These shoes are so special, comfy and beautiful. I think I can't get myself to wear them outside, because I don't want to make them dirty or break them..Yes I know you would think: These are just shoes! Yes, but they were very expensive and they are delicate..

I know not everybody loves them as much as I do, but for me they're perfect.
I have some 'Limited Edition' or 'Special Edition' shoes, and now these are one of them.
I hope I can bring myself to wear them (because even on a outfit shoot I'd have fear) haha. 

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