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Good evening everybody! 
Today I've learned so much. Next week are my exams. I have so many formulas and phrases in my head that I have the feeling my head explodes immediately haha. That's weird. However. I went shopping today. Not clothing, but FOOD! So much food! I've found many inspirational recipes that I need to try out. I want to lose some weight, because in the last few months I didn't looked on what I eat. And now I have 5 kilo more on my hips. 

I need to eat healthier and more controlled (3 times a day). I've read an article about how important it is to eat breakfast. Well, I don't eat breakfast... And normally, I eat when I want to. That changes today. Every morning a healthy breakfast for more energie. I don't like diets, because I know it brings nothing. Only the unwanted yo-yo effect. I hope I can achieve it and don't eat after 3 days again lots of chocolate. Of course I will show you all the recipes, because they are amazing and yummy! Wish me luck.
Love, Fiona.

Some of the food.

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