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Hello my loves! 
I hope you had amazing Christmas! I've got so many lovely things and I will show you them in the next few days! But today I wanted to present you some of my wishes. I'm still so young, but I have so many desires that I'm going to try to achieve. It makes me so much joy to work for my dreams. When I have the money together and can buy me the thing then, it is much nicer to me than to be able to get the thing immediately. I can still remember very well when I've saved up for my camera. I have saved every cent and had only my goal in front of my eyes. When I could buy me the camera, I was the happiest girl on earth! For me it's something very special to spend into a thing for my life. All the stuff is very expensive, but one day I hope to have everything ♥

Céline Phantom Bag Pink 1700€
Alexander Wang Rocco Bag 899€

Chanel Black 2.55 (big one) 3450€

Isabel Marant Bekett Sneaker Wedges 395€

Miu Miu Sneakers Silver 390€

Kenzo Sweater 395€

Saint Laurent Bucket Bag Blue 1450€

Balenciaga Derby-Cut-Out Boots 875€

Céline Phantom "Stamped" Croc Phantom Bag 2750€

Victoria Beckham Liberty Shopper Bag Rouge 995€
Giuseppe Zanotti Sneakers 495€

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