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i will never forget you

today is such a bad day for me. Yesterday I was in Luxembourg because my grandmother was ill. When her lung cancer was diagnosed, I knew she wouldn't live for more than 4 months. When we arrived in the hospice, she had already past away. It was very hard for me and I had to cry so much. I will never forget you grandma, you are at a better place now and you have no more pain. I'm thankful for everything you did, for every second and moment I could spend with you and that you're proud of what I'm doing. I will never forget you. I love you, RIP grandma. ♥


weekend is over

Hello loves! 
I'm sooo happy! I've learned yesterday and today I relaxed. I looked for some new inspiration and I found some really nice pictures on Tumblr, Weheartit and Lookbook! Feels so amazing idk why haha. I just wanted to show you one of my favorite outfits! I love to wear heels and to combine black clothing.. I love black and leather atm. I like dark colors more than light colors.. Tonight my mom made spaghetti bolognese so I'm very hungry.. I will post a new outfit tomorrow, so keep updated! 
Hugs, Fiona ♥



Tonight is Criminal Minds night! You know how much I love it. It's the day where I cook something special to enjoy my favorite series. I've cooked tagliatelle with broccoli/spinach fish. So delicious! It's easy to do and it takes little time, around 45 min. I think this time is okay for a healthy, delicious and filling dish! ♥
Love, Fiona

Jacques Britt

Hello my loves! 
I came home from school and saw a package on my bed. HAPPINESS. My shirt from Jacques Britt arrived and it fits perfectly. I will show it to you on a look in the next few days but at the moment it rains permanently.. But I will! Hope you like it as much as I do! Hugs ♥

You can find it here 


today I want to talk about an online store, which I really love! It's called Boticca
The team travels around the world and finds the world’s best independent brands. They have so many amazing things in their shop: Necklaces, earrings, bags, scarves and more. When I found their store, I was very happy and I fell in love. They discovered many beautiful ideas of different designers, which makes them special.

They use their platform to help you cross continents without leaving home, recapturing that lost commerce experience and inspiring that same sense of discovery. Their Style Hunters carefully select each brand on Boticca, taking into consideration their stories, uniqueness, quality and professionalism. Their marketplace model allows you to interact with the world’s best designers, buy products directly from them and even customize pieces, ensuring that your experience is a personal and meaningful one. Beneath I will show you some products and introduce you some designers. Have a look on their shop and you will find your favorite designer! ♥
Love, Fiona

One of my favorite designers is Adin & Royale from Tel Aviv, Israel. They have a collection of handcrafted, luxury design pieces. The debut collection captures the essence of the line: refined statement pieces that are at once delicate and structured; feminine and powerful, timeless and modern. Each of the cuffs and rings is sculpted in yellow brass and 18 or 24 karat gold, and blends clean design with the inspiration of the golden objects of the ancient world: of the Greek, Roman and Persian Empires. 

The Cage Cuff and the Victoire Cuff

Another designer I really love is 21DGRS from Bali, India. The designers are a german pair (Kim Krismann and Rik Fiddicke) which lives and workes in Bali. They are cultivating their unique, bohemian sensibility. I love their animal inspired jewelry. 

Silver Bunny Ring and Silver Mexican Skull Ring

My favorite bag designer on Boticca is Faclover from London, United Kingdom. It's a contemporary brand designed by Ambra Giammarino. The brand's philosophy bring together smart fashion edge and the irresistible combination of Made in Italy quality. All the collection is crafted in Italy, the values concentrate on fusing three main principles – asthetic responsibility, functional style and ethical behaviour. 

THE CYLINDER -fuchsia- and THE RECTANGLE -lime-

Another brand I really appreciate is John&Pearl from London, United Kingdom. Their necklaces and bracelets are amazing - and they are all hand-made! They get inspired by poisonous plants, tropical rain forests and mythology. 

Aztec Bracelet and Kraken Necklace 

If you search for beautiful delicate and feminine bracelets, you'll find it in her collection. Vivien Frank Designs from Zurich, Switzerland brings a new contemporary twist to the classic friendship bracelet we all remember too well, buying them at markets during summer break. Inspired by the 70's and 80's laid back demeanor Vivien Frank's designs are the perfect finishing touch to your bohemian-chic, free spirited style and of course for your everyday look. Each pieces is carefully hand knotted with the very finest material available.

Gold leather karma bracelet and tiny gold initial necklace 



Hello my loves! 
A few minutes ago I've read the post of Kayture's 3rd birthday. I followed Kristina Bazan, the founder of Kayture, since 2012 and I love her so much. She's adorable and a big inspiration and example to me. She never gives up and she keep always her head high. She's so young, but did so many amazing things in her life. She worked with many big designers like Louis Vuitton, Chopard, Gucci Bamboo, Mango and many more. This year at the Stylight Blogger Awards I had the chance to see her and to talk to her. She's so kind, nice, pretty, everything. 

Happy happy Birthday Kristina & James - Kayture. You guys are amazing ♥



The front!

Chiara Ferragni and Raul Richter as hosts for the evening!
Mavi Show!
One of my favorite outfits!
Andreas Wijk! He sang my favorite song! Wake me up from Avicii ♥
Unbelievable Fanny Lyckman
Gorgeous Kristina Bazan
With Peyman Amin ☺
I think that was the best moment of my life, despite that I look like hell.
Kenza is my example and I love her so much! Can't believe that I met her.
I woke up next morning and I controlled my Camera and iPhone if this really happened.
Gosh I was soooo happy! Thank you Kenza Zouiten
Outfit of the night! Black like always ♥ #allblackeverything 


Hello my loves!
I'm back from Berlin and I can not describe how happy I am. These three days were the best days of my life. No lie. I have seen so many people, gotten to know them and accumulated much experience. Since I'm back home I smile incessantly. I can not believe my luck.. My feelings can not be expressed in this text! I saw Kenza Zouiten, Fanny Lyckman, Kristina Bazan and many more!

A huge huge huge thank you to Stylight that have enabled me to go to this event! I was so scared and was so excited, but the Stylight team was very kind to me. Because I knew I was going to see the best blogger, I was very nervous. My legs and hands were shaking, my heart was racing and I was very tense (Those who have seen me hopefully have not noticed that haha). I think I was the youngest there? haha! I was like a 'little girl' between all these amazing women! I will post MANY pictures tonight or tomorrow.. I've taken like 842706508237650832 pictures haha.
Much love, Fiona

First impression of the evening 


Good morning my loves! 
I'm on my way to Berlin with my sister! We'll arrive at 5 pm and eat dinner then. I'm so excited! Everybody ist posting their outfit for the Awards right now! Kenza will look amazing in her playsuit! I found something when I was in the city so I'm relaxed now. I have to look for a bag in Berlin, because I have several clutches in my closet, but any clutch fits to my dress or it's not big enough.. I'll find something! 

I'm so happy to see this big beautiful city again. I was there last year and it was amazing! I'll take a lot of pictures, so I can show you everything! 

Have a nice sunday! Love, Fiona 


blue like your soul

My beautiful days in De Haag with my family! So pretty this place! I was very tired this day, because my cousine and I went to a party last night. We came back to the hotel at 5 o'clock.. But the beach and the silence were amazing. Definitely worth a trip. 
Love, Fiona ♥



 First of all, I wanted to tell you that I'm really angry and upset. My dresses I've ordered for Fashion Week arrived yesterday. I've ordered every dress in size 36, because the sizing was "1,74-36". I thought they would fit and I just have to choose which one I love the most. BUT NO DRESS FITS PERFECTLY?! I went crazy yesterday, I was freaking angry with myself, with my parents (YES because they always say: No don't eat that, but then they are not consistent and I eat though) and with the dresses. I didn't want any stress but now I have stress. I have to improvise now. I'm going to the city and hopefully I will find an AMAZING dress which fits! 

I'm back from school and my best friend is coming over. We have to talk about summer this year, because I'm going to Spain with my two best friends. At least one positive thing this week.
Love, Fiona

Maybe I should just wear this dress? 


2014 is here and everyone has done their resolution lists! Me too. I hope I can stick to my New Year's resolution list, because it's very long haha. What are your New Year's resolutions? Tell me!

1. Lose weight (I ate so much last year that I gained 10 kg. They have to go!!)
2. Getting better grades in school (I've got my grades back today.. I have to kick my ass and learn!)
3. Improve my blog (Better pictures and improve the design)
4. Save money! (I want to buy a lot of things this year so I have to save some money!)
5. Travel (I want to see more this year, next trip: Stockholm!)
6. To be tidy (My room always looks like hell, it's a real mess haha)
7.  Take time for my friends and family (Had so much to do the last year..)
8. It's a long way to the top (Never give up)
9. Be disciplined (I do things for 1 week, then I stop.
10. Change sleep routine (I go to bed at 12 or 1 o'clock and I wake up at 9 or 10, not good for me)

Fingers crossed ♥


Good morning my loves! 
Today it's Monday and I don't have to go to school - AMAZING! Now I'm going to have breakfast and check my mail. I've got to organize some stuff for school. I'll get my marks tomorrow so I'm pretty nervous haha. Hopefully it will be ok. But atm I'm thinking about the Blogger Awards of Stylight, which is in exactly one week! OMFG I'M SO EXCITED! Such a big honor to be there! I'm still thinking about what I'm going to wear. I had some ideas, but when I tried these ideas, they were so bad haha. So I had to rethink and I now have four possibilities. I'll speak to my whole family and friends, about which dress I should wear, because it's such a big event and I will meet my favorite bloggers so I have to look AMAZING. Which dress should I wear in your opinion? Please help me!! I'm going to wear black sandal heels and silver jewellery..
Love, Fiona

1. Here 2. Here 3. Here 4. Here (with a white shirt)



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                 TB summer 2013. I miss the sun so badly! 
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