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Hello my loves!
I'm back from Berlin and I can not describe how happy I am. These three days were the best days of my life. No lie. I have seen so many people, gotten to know them and accumulated much experience. Since I'm back home I smile incessantly. I can not believe my luck.. My feelings can not be expressed in this text! I saw Kenza Zouiten, Fanny Lyckman, Kristina Bazan and many more!

A huge huge huge thank you to Stylight that have enabled me to go to this event! I was so scared and was so excited, but the Stylight team was very kind to me. Because I knew I was going to see the best blogger, I was very nervous. My legs and hands were shaking, my heart was racing and I was very tense (Those who have seen me hopefully have not noticed that haha). I think I was the youngest there? haha! I was like a 'little girl' between all these amazing women! I will post MANY pictures tonight or tomorrow.. I've taken like 842706508237650832 pictures haha.
Much love, Fiona

First impression of the evening 

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