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 First of all, I wanted to tell you that I'm really angry and upset. My dresses I've ordered for Fashion Week arrived yesterday. I've ordered every dress in size 36, because the sizing was "1,74-36". I thought they would fit and I just have to choose which one I love the most. BUT NO DRESS FITS PERFECTLY?! I went crazy yesterday, I was freaking angry with myself, with my parents (YES because they always say: No don't eat that, but then they are not consistent and I eat though) and with the dresses. I didn't want any stress but now I have stress. I have to improvise now. I'm going to the city and hopefully I will find an AMAZING dress which fits! 

I'm back from school and my best friend is coming over. We have to talk about summer this year, because I'm going to Spain with my two best friends. At least one positive thing this week.
Love, Fiona

Maybe I should just wear this dress? 

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