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2014 is here and everyone has done their resolution lists! Me too. I hope I can stick to my New Year's resolution list, because it's very long haha. What are your New Year's resolutions? Tell me!

1. Lose weight (I ate so much last year that I gained 10 kg. They have to go!!)
2. Getting better grades in school (I've got my grades back today.. I have to kick my ass and learn!)
3. Improve my blog (Better pictures and improve the design)
4. Save money! (I want to buy a lot of things this year so I have to save some money!)
5. Travel (I want to see more this year, next trip: Stockholm!)
6. To be tidy (My room always looks like hell, it's a real mess haha)
7.  Take time for my friends and family (Had so much to do the last year..)
8. It's a long way to the top (Never give up)
9. Be disciplined (I do things for 1 week, then I stop.
10. Change sleep routine (I go to bed at 12 or 1 o'clock and I wake up at 9 or 10, not good for me)

Fingers crossed ♥

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