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Hello my loves! I just wanted to stop by say thank you and tell you that I'm fine. I've got some really kind e-mails from you.. Telling me your condolence. Thank you so much. Today I'm happy because it's thursday and today begins the new episode of Germany's next Topmodel! I'm super excited because I watch it for 8 years now haha. Yesterday I planned some amazing outfit shoots. I will take all the pictures when the weather gets better - promise. It rains like hell the last few weeks. Sometimes the sun shines, but just for 2-3 hours. Tomorrow I'm going to my other best friend with my best friend planning our summer vacation (Imagine sun, beach, drinks, best friends and music, can't wait!!!!!). 
Now I'm packing my stuff (food of course) and then heading over to my best friends place watching the new episode!! Wish you all a wonderful evening guys! 
Lots of love, Fiona ♥

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