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Yes, you read correctly! IT'S THE FIRST ANNIVERSARY OF MY BLOG TODAY ♥ Gosh, it seems like yesterday I've posted my first article! I'm incredibly happy and grateful for every comment, every support and everyone who believes in me! I'm so motivated and I've so much inspiration for the year - can't wait! I love to learn new things, explore new trends, styles and cultures and communicate with new people! I hope I can inspire many new people with my lifestyle, my dreams and my motivation.

I've started with no idea of what's coming in the first months, but I read so many blogs and got so much motivation. I love what I do and I do it with passion, love and full devotion.

 And why I picked this date? It was the time when I was ready to open my blog and I thought I will never forget this date. That's why.

♥ 14.02.13 ♥

Wish you a great day!
Love, Fiona

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