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Hi! You all know that I was in Berlin for Fashion Week. And I did some shopping but not that much.. I was FINALLY able to buy my long-awaited skull! I've searched for it like 32898347 years! I don't know why I'm so obsessed with skulls and dark clothes.. Anyway it's finally mine! I've also bought a new iPhone case because it was in sale and I found it funny with the weed leaves (please don't think bad about me). Both are from Urban Outfitters. I've bought some simple t-shirts too but they're not that interesting. They are just black, grey and dark red.. If you want to see them anyway, write in the comment box haha.
Wish you all a great weekend ♥ PS: I will try to post more often! Promise!
MINE  ♥ Buy it HERE
In love with my new iPhone case! 

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