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Hello again! I just wanted to show you the things my father brought me from the USA.
3 magazines from 3 different cities! "Style" from San Francisco, "Porter" from New York and "Vegas" from Las Vegas. The best for me is the Porter magazine, because it's the very first issue! I know it exists in Germany too, but I think it's better from the USA (it's the 'real' one). I'm really in love with the top model Gisele Bündchen. It's very special to have the first issue. The other 2 are also very nice! Of course there's a lot new inspiration for photo shoots, as usual! I could read them 10 million times haha.
Then my NEW SHOES!! OMG! They are so freaking beautiful, aren't they? Can't stop looking and wearing them! For me they are one of the best shoes I've ever had because they are/were limited. And now they are MINE! But there will be another post just to show you them in detail. Now I have to eat.
See you tomorrow guys! Love, Fiona ♥

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