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Good morning! 
Today is FINALLY Saturday and my dad is coming back today! It was not certain whether he was able to fly because of the snow storm in New York, but fortunately he was able to fly! I'm so happy!

It's raining again here in Germany. I'm sitting here enjoying my smoothie (my mom makes amazing smoothies!!) and reading some new blogposts of other bloggers. For me, that's the perfect Saturday morning. My plans were to go to the city and look for basics, because it's soo hard to find a perfect white Tee. I'm serious! But I think I will not go because of the rain..

Tonight I release my FIRST GIVEAWAY. It's not a bracelet, it's not a necklace. It's different to everything.
So have a look, tell it your friends and keep updated on my blog ♥

Much love, Fiona

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