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Hello my loves! 
Today I woke up at 9 to get some work done (blog, homework, bedroom, etc.). Then I went to the city to meet a good friend of mine. We went to Vapiano and ate some tasty dishes, as you can see below. After that we took some pictures because he loves photography as much as I do. I'll post them on Thursday, so keep an eye on my blog! ♥ At 7 I've skyped with my dad because he's in the US atm (yes, I'm very jealous). On Thursday he was in Las Vegas, today he's in San Francisco and on Tuesday he's going to New York. I miss him so much. But he's back on Sunday. Finally after nearly two weeks!!

Now I'm doing some other stuff. I'm looking for hotels in the world because I want to know which hotels are good and which not. I want to travel as you know and therefor I have to compare some prices. I'm looking for hotels in Paris, New York, Milan, Kapstadt and Los Angeles. What can you recommend? Any good hotels you know? Thank you for any answer! 
Much love, Fiona 

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