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Animal instinct

|| Shoes - Dr. Martens || Pants - FrontRowShop || Coat - Zara || T-Shirt - H&M || Bag - Vintage || Watch - Rado ||

New in

Good morning! Today is a beautiful day again! I have so much work to do like doing homework, checking my e-mails and so on. In three weeks I'm on my way to Italy! I'm so excited! Can't wait for the sun, the sea and italian pizza and gelato! I will take lots of pictures to share my trip with you. 
I started to think about to improve my blog and my other social media. I thought you could give me tips what you want to see or to read. Write in the comment box your ideas. Aaaaand I wanted to show you my new shoes! Gosh they are soooo beautiful. Can't get my eye off them. I've waited like half a year for them because the expensive shipping costs in London etc. But now they are MINE. I know summer is coming but it's never a bad idea to wear Ugg's. I think they are the most comfortable shoes ever!
I wish you all a great sunday. Lots of love, Fiona ♥


pull over

|| Shoes - Dr. Martens || Jeans - Zara || Pullover - American Apparel || Bag - Miu Miu ||



I AM READY! I bought the Glamour Magazine with the Glamour Shopping Card! Start: 5. to 12.04.2014! Get your card now ♥


New in

Good morning! I wanted to show you my new jeans from FrontRowShop! I'm so happy and thankful to collaborate with them! I've choosen this beautiful jeans with animal print. It fits perfectly! Find it here! I'm going to do outfit pictures when the sun comes out..It's raining atm. I have to get ready for school now (yes on a saturday morning). But my good friend is coming from Stuttgart today and I'm so happy to see him! Wish you a great weekend ♥ Love, Fiona


little orange accent

|| T-Shirt and Hat - H&M || Heels, Bag, Coat, Leggings - Zara || Watch - Tissot ||


Hello! I just wanted to stop by to show you my new neon yellow bikini from H&M which I bought for Italy. I love the colour and the design, because it has two strips on the back which I absolutely love! Couldn't resist to buy it and now I'm so happy with it. It's also available in neon pink. Find it here ♥ Much love, Fiona 


back to college

|| Shoes - Dr. Martens || Overknee socks - American Apparel || Shirt - Eterna || Bagpack - Topshop || Watch - TW Steel ||

All pictures taken by Heim-Fotografie©


THANK YOU SO MUCH! I've reached 200 followers on Stylight, 45.000 clicks on my blog and nearly 2100 followers on Instagram. You guys are amazing! Thinking about doing another GIVEAWAY when I reached 3000 followers on Instagram? Thank you! You make me so happy!

Hello btw.. I'm back from school and now I'm eating lunch in the sun! I almost wrote all of my applications for employment! I want to start working in September to get more money. As you might have seen my wishlist, I have to get a lot of money, and my pocket money is not enough..

I wanted to tell you that I have an account on the new app DEPOP! I'm so fascinated about this app. You can buy and sell your stuff with PayPal. It's like an online flea market, and as you know I LOVE flea markets. Chiara Ferragni sells her stuff too (I will buy something from her closet!!). It's like the english version of "Kleiderkreisel", but I think DEPOP is way better than Kleiderkreisel. I hope every blogger will open an account so I can buy the clothes from my favorite bloggers!! Follow me and buy my stuff @fionaschubert ♥

 I wish you a wonderful sunny day. Lots of love! Fiona ♥


Down down

|| Shoes - DocMartens || Bag - SUPPA || Jeans - Zara || T-Shirt - H&M || Watch - Rado ||

HELLO! I totally fogot to post some outfit pictures!! I went trough my pictures and found them, they were in a folder in many other folders.. But now I will show you them because I like them very much. They were taken by a good friend of mine in Stuttgart in October 2013 (!!). I have many memories and they mean a lot to me (fun of course). Hope you like them as much as I do. Kisses, Fiona ♥

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