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Good morning! Today is a beautiful day again! I have so much work to do like doing homework, checking my e-mails and so on. In three weeks I'm on my way to Italy! I'm so excited! Can't wait for the sun, the sea and italian pizza and gelato! I will take lots of pictures to share my trip with you. 
I started to think about to improve my blog and my other social media. I thought you could give me tips what you want to see or to read. Write in the comment box your ideas. Aaaaand I wanted to show you my new shoes! Gosh they are soooo beautiful. Can't get my eye off them. I've waited like half a year for them because the expensive shipping costs in London etc. But now they are MINE. I know summer is coming but it's never a bad idea to wear Ugg's. I think they are the most comfortable shoes ever!
I wish you all a great sunday. Lots of love, Fiona ♥

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