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THANK YOU SO MUCH! I've reached 200 followers on Stylight, 45.000 clicks on my blog and nearly 2100 followers on Instagram. You guys are amazing! Thinking about doing another GIVEAWAY when I reached 3000 followers on Instagram? Thank you! You make me so happy!

Hello btw.. I'm back from school and now I'm eating lunch in the sun! I almost wrote all of my applications for employment! I want to start working in September to get more money. As you might have seen my wishlist, I have to get a lot of money, and my pocket money is not enough..

I wanted to tell you that I have an account on the new app DEPOP! I'm so fascinated about this app. You can buy and sell your stuff with PayPal. It's like an online flea market, and as you know I LOVE flea markets. Chiara Ferragni sells her stuff too (I will buy something from her closet!!). It's like the english version of "Kleiderkreisel", but I think DEPOP is way better than Kleiderkreisel. I hope every blogger will open an account so I can buy the clothes from my favorite bloggers!! Follow me and buy my stuff @fionaschubert ♥

 I wish you a wonderful sunny day. Lots of love! Fiona ♥

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