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Good morning! As you already know I flew to Italy on Saturday night. Me and my family took the plane to Rome, then we rent a car and drove down to Sorrento. I swear, this city is gorgeous! The people, the food, the views - EVERYTHING. I did a lot of pictures, but I will show you them when I'm at home. 
Now I'm in Rome. We spent yesterday's day at the Colosseum, the Pantheon, in the metro and in a beautiful pizzeria. I think I gained 5 kg, because of the good food. Horrible. If you follow me on Instagram (@fionaschubert), you saw that I've posted like a thousand pictures because there were so many beautiful places and things to show you! I've never posted 17 pictures during 4 days? Haha, sorry for that!
Now I have to get ready. Packing packing packing. Don't wanna go home.. 
Much love, Fiona ♥

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