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Good morning my loves! Today I wanted to present you a new project called #smilestorm from the magazine Glamour. 

Hating on the internet is becoming more ubiquitous - and not just among young internet users. The Glamour magazine thinks: This has to stop! The Activity #smilestorm wants to make a stand against haters in the network. In the edition from 14.04.14, you will find a long and interesting article with interviews of experts on cyberbullying, statements of Germany's most famous bloggers about how they deal with negative comments on the Internet and other interesting facts about hating on the net. 

I have a lot of experience with cyberbullying - whether myself or my friends/family. In my opinion it's not the right way to tell somebody your opinion about the person in the internet. It's cowardly. Firstly, a person should try to solve the problem with the person and secondly I think unqualified comments do not belong on the internet.

Upload #selfies with the hashtag #smilestorm on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr and all the other social platforms to create a large community.

If you have any questions, own experience with cyberbullying or if you want to tell your own opinion, please write to me: If you need more informations you can click here.

Together, we can put a sign - with the action #smilestorm. 

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