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Hello! I just wanted to stop by to tell you that I created a Facebook Page for all those who don't have Instagram, Tumblr or other social platforms. I will post all my Instagram pictures on this page and also when I have news for you guys. If you want to join my journey, feel free to like my page. It would make me very happy! ♥ Click here to my official facebook page.

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Hi! Yesterday I checked my mails as usual and found an e-mail from! I've never heard about it, so I read through this mail and I liked it more and more. You had to create a summer outfit for fashion week to get a weekend for free at #MBFWA. At the end of the mail I just had one goal: To go to #MBFWA (Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Amsterdam). This is so big! It means so much to me, I can't describe how it feels to get such an honor! The theme was: summer outfit! So I created a look, went out and took these pictures. 

I think this look is perfect for Fashion Week, because it's casual, chic, elegant and trendy at one time. The dress is elegant, because of its design. You can wear it with and without a jacket. In summer, during the day, you can put your jacket on/in the bag or keep it in your hands, and when it gets cold in the evening you can put your jacket on. The heels are comfortable so you can run all day with them through fashion week. Open hair are always good to cover something up. But you can wear this outfit also with a ponytail or a bun of course. The bag/clutch is perfect because it's not too big and not too small. You can put your lipstick or a little mirror in. The silver details fits to the bag. The jewelry is subtle and not flashy, but still chic. Finger and toe nails are matchy to the wine red lipstick. With this look you can't go wrong and you're still an eyecatcher! What do you think? I would love to hear your opinion! Tell me ♥ #FCfindyourlook. Much love, Fiona ♥

|| Dress - Asos (River Island) || Blazer - Mango || Bag and heels - Zara || Jewelry - Pandora || Watch - Rado ||


|| Boots - Ugg Australia || Leggings & T-Shirt - H&M || Coat & Bag - Zara || iPhone Case - Ebay || Bracelets - Pandora || Watch - TW Steel ||


Hello! I'm done with the last exercise for today! Physics su**s! Hope the week of exams will be over quickly. Anyways! I thought I could do a Q/A #tag that every blogger did at least once! You can ask me questions everywhere (Instagram, Facebook, E-Mail, in the comment box, etc..). Ask me anything you want (food, hobbies, dreams etc) and I will pick some of these questions for my first Q/A #tag! Let's do this! love, Fiona ♥



Good morning or better good afternoon! I have no school because of holidays. I have to learn 7 days for my exams. Today in one week starts my exams. I've to write 9 exams on the topics of half a year, enough reasons to be nervous! I'm actually really good at school, apart from 2-3 subjects. I don't know why but I hate natural sciences. I'm not good at it at all! Yesterday I've learned 6 hours, today maybe 3 hours and I'm pretty tired of those 2 days. I wanted to give you some update, because I said I would do some posts in my exams-time. On Saturday I was at my best friends place. We had some BBQ with friends and it was so much fun! I love those kinds of evenings. Just relax with good food and nice friends. I've got some interesting questions that I will answer after my exams! If you also have questions, comment below or write me by e-mail: Now I will continue to learn. I used the break to write this post ♥ Much love, Fiona

Sneak peek of what's coming up on Wednesday ♥

the mystery was gone, but the amazement was just starting.

|| Jacket and T-Shirt - H&M || Leggings - Zara || Heels - ShoeCult by Nasty Gal || Bag - Vintage || Watch - Rado ||


All pictures were taken by my best friend Marsha @marsha_sbl



|| Shoes - Adidas || Leggings & T-Shirt - H&M || Backpack - EastPack || Coat - Zara || Sunnies - RayBan ||
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