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Good morning or better good afternoon! I have no school because of holidays. I have to learn 7 days for my exams. Today in one week starts my exams. I've to write 9 exams on the topics of half a year, enough reasons to be nervous! I'm actually really good at school, apart from 2-3 subjects. I don't know why but I hate natural sciences. I'm not good at it at all! Yesterday I've learned 6 hours, today maybe 3 hours and I'm pretty tired of those 2 days. I wanted to give you some update, because I said I would do some posts in my exams-time. On Saturday I was at my best friends place. We had some BBQ with friends and it was so much fun! I love those kinds of evenings. Just relax with good food and nice friends. I've got some interesting questions that I will answer after my exams! If you also have questions, comment below or write me by e-mail: Now I will continue to learn. I used the break to write this post ♥ Much love, Fiona

Sneak peek of what's coming up on Wednesday ♥

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  1. Question:Dear Fiona! I'll just recently started reading your blog! I have one question for you. Every person has a favorite thing in the locker room, what is your favorite thing?


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