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So proud of my crew First Class ♥


GOOD MORNING ♥ I'm back home from Berlin. I spent 4 amazing days in Berlin with my dance crew. We did a lot! We arrived Thursday evening and went to KFC to get some food because we all were very hungry. On Friday morning we had breakfast and afterwards we went to the city. How many shops does Berlin have? TOO MANY! We went in literally every single shop on Kurfürstendamm. I bought some stuff but I will show it to you tomorrow or on Wednesday. At the evening I had dinner on top of a building with my good friend who lives in Berlin . The view was amazing. On Saturday we danced a bit to get some little questions fixed and then went to the city again! I only say two words: BRANDY MELVILLE! I've never been in this shop ever but I knew it from my cousine and Instagram. I absolutely ADORE this shop. The problem was, that I already spend my whole money into other things so I had not so much money for this store. But I bought one thing (pure happiness). After Asos this is my favorite shop now! On Saturday evening another group of my dance school had their occurring. They did the 3rd place (proud). On Sunday we had breakfast and then we packed our bags and suit cases. We did a little 'sightseeing tour' through Berlin. We were at the East Side Gallery and at some places where the series Berlin Tag & Nacht gets filmed. So interesting! On Sunday evening me and my crew had to show our show, but they were a bit late in their program. We had to go right after our occurs and this was very stressful! We had to catch our train. At 10 pm we go a message that we did the 2nd place! SO PROUD. Our trophy is so beautiful! Of course I took a million pictures and I will show you them in the next few days. Now I'm unpacking my suit case and relax the whole day because I have SUMMER HOLIDAYS!! 
So much love, Fiona ♥

Foto: Berliner Mauer ❤️ #berlinermauer #fionatravels #happiness #love
Foto: Shopping  #brandyusa #brandymelvilleusa
Foto: ❤️ #berlin #goodfriend #fionatravels #monkeybar #happiness #love
Foto: #kurfürstendamm #shopping #berlin #happiness #love
Foto: #fernsehturm #berlin #fionatravels #happiness #love


Good morning! Maybe you already saw what I posted yesterday on Instagram. I've got 3 new pair of shoes. (HEAVEN!). I needed some new shoes for summer and currently it's sale time.. enough reasons to shop! If you have any questions regarding shipping, quality or something else, please contact me. I can't get my eye off them - too beautiful. Now I have to pack my suit case, in less than 3 hours I'm on my way to BERLIN. Many kisses, Fiona ♥

|| From left to right: Black ones - HERE || white ones - HERE || slip-ons - HERE ||


GOOD MORNING BABES. Tomorrow is Monday, work is calling. Today I will relax in my PJ all day because I'm too tired and lazy to do something. Eat, sleep, eat, sleep. I answered some questions on this morning. If you have questions as well, don't hesitate to tell them. Go to 

Another thing I wanted to tell you is, that I've publishes another profile on Instagram! It's called @otherimpressions. I did this for my other pictures I take during the day. I wanted that you get inspired by the little things that make me happy every day. So head over to and @otherimpressions and FOLLOW me ♥ Much love, Fiona 



HELLO MY LOVES! Today is a beautiful sunny day - happiness!! I went to the city this morning to get some stuff fixed. In less than 1 week I'll be in BERLIN. So excited and happy! Me and my dance crew First Class are going to a competition in Berlin. But we will do some shopping as well. Now I'm preparing lunch (fish with rice, YUM!) and afterwards I will relax in the sun with a book. Tonight Germany is going to play against Ghana! GO GERMANY. Lots of kisses, Fiona ♥

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Casual with my jeans from Asos and T-Shirt from H&M. 


HELLO HELLO! Hope you are all fine. The past three days were sooo exhausting. I worked for 6-7 hours each day. From 9.30 am to 4.30 pm. But it's much fun and I learn a lot! The stupid thing is that I work in the fashion department and I see tons of clothes everyday. Many are also in sale.. So as a girl you have to control yourself to not buy everything haha. 

I've been thinking about taking pictures in the next few weeks because I have so many ideas and I want to realize all of them. First I'm going to do more theme shoots with some props and maybe friends. Then I will do a portrait shoot as well! Stay tuned and have a nice week! Lots of kisses, Fiona ♥



Pictures from Luxembourg! Shorts by MissGuided and sweater by Zara ♥



Hello babes! Today was my first day of working 6 hours non stop! So hard in my opinion. In my class we have to get some experience into the 'daily working life' and therefor we have to work more than 6 hours. I'm doing it in a big store in my town and it's really hard. I have to walk all day long and clean, sort and advise customer. When I came home I fell in my bed because my feet were hurting so badly!! But I learned so much today that I'm also happy about it. For example to wear the right shoes! I walked 6 hours in sandals without cushion! Now I'm going to cool my feet..Ouch! Tomorrow will be better. Many kisses, Fiona ♥ PS: Pictures of Luxembourg coming up tomorrow too!



Good morning! I'm back in my homecountry Luxembourg - pure happiness! Today I will spend my time with my cousine - shopping shopping shopping! Yesterday was Friday the 13th. We watched a horror movie and drunk a coke. Now I'm getting ready for today. I will take pictures of course. The pictures below are from Instagram, follow me there @fionaschubert. I wish you an amazing weekend, be happy and thankful for everything you have. Kisses, Fiona ♥ 


Q/A #tag part II

Hello my sweeties! Today I will show you the second part of my Q/A #tag. I've chosen 20 questions again. Much love, Fiona ♥

1. What makes you happy?
Family, friends, food, surprises, travel, photography, dancing, playing the piano and blogging ofc.

2. Do you smoke/drink alcohol?
No, I don't smoke. I drink alcohol sometimes.

3. Do you work for your money?

4. How do you finance your blogger life?
I get pocket money to buy the small things (cinema, coffee, make up, etc). Clothes, shoes and other stuff like this pay my parents (lucky girl) 

5. What mascara do you use?
L'Oréal Million Lashes Mascara 

6. Do you have more flat or high shoes?
I think more flat ones, because of sandals and sneakers etc. I think it's 40% high and 60% flat.

7.What do you use as everyday Make Up routine?
For school I only put concealer, eye brow pencil and mascara on.

8. Do you drink coffee/tea in the morning?
Coffee or tea, depends on the situation

9. Will you do a 'flea market' where you sell your clothes?
Yes I will. 

10. If you would get asked for an autograph or taking a picture, what would you do? 
I would be happy, would give the person an autograph and take a picture.

11. Do you have any fears?
I'm afraid of sharks. I watched too many shark movies I think. But behind a big glass front it would be okay.

12. What have you never ever done?
Bungee jumping. Diving. Jet ski. Hot air balloon....

13. Where do you shop most?
Asos and Zara

14. What do you want to study?
Fashion management 

15. Do you want to have kids?
Yes, 2 or 3

16. What are the most beautiful cities you've visited?
Berlin and Luxembourg

17. When you shop, do you know what to buy or do you just shop what you like?
I always plan to buy special things but I end up with way more..

18. How do you get everything you want?
I write a list with all the things I want. But I don't get everything, it's impossible.

19. What are your favorite animals?

20. Which famous people inspires you the most?
I absolutely LOVE Olivia Palermo, Victoria Beckham and Chiara Ferragni. These women are my biggest inspiration. I think that they have done a lot of admirable things, which every fashion-conscious girl can learn something of. I hope I'll get the chance to meet them one day and talk about their story and their daily life. I hope I will be there where these women already are.



Hello!! After school I went to the zoo with a good friend of mine to spend some time together. I LOVE the zoo so much. It stands on my TO-DO-LIST for so long now and today was finally the day. I'm so fascinated about all the animals. But the polar bears did me really sorry! It was 35 degrees warm! I wore a skirt and a t-shirt and it was still so freaking hot. The poor polar bears..

After the zoo we went to Vapiano to eat something. It was delicious. We both ate salad. The day was quite perfect, except when a man in the train dropped his drink over me.. But the drink was cold so it was a bit 'refreshing' though. Much love, Fiona ♥

My favorite picture ♥
Poor poor polar bear :( I wanted to cuddle him in this moment 
These animals are so fascinating!

He was tired..
Is this position comfortable? 
Que cazzo vuoi?! 

I think this is an italian chimpanzee..  

The cutest and biggest animal ever. Look into his eyes!! *No I'm not cute* haha


Exhausted! The only word I can say is exhausted. This morning I went to the gym after 4 weeks break. I cycled, ran and stretched my poor muscles, but I felt great afterwards. The summer is on its way, I have to get in shape! I did not have school today because it's holiday. Now I'm eating lunch (eggs with red pepper, yum!) and later today I will brain-storm a bit, because I promised I will show you many new editorials. But I didn't have them yet. The problem for a 16-year-old girl is, that she have to find a photographer and ideas (location, outfit, make-up, etc) to get amazing pictures. Not everyone can take pictures and sometimes a second person could help you to improve your ideas. But I think it will be all fine! 

Tomorrow I will get my first exam grades! Gosh I'm so nervous. Keep your fingers crossed!! Love, Fiona ♥

One of my inspo pictures (Rosie Huntington-Whiteley)


Q/A #tag part I

Good morning and welcome to my first Q/A #tag! Today I will answer all of your questions you've asked me during the past 2 weeks - there were many, that's why it's the first part! Thanks for all the questions and I hope I won't forget one. I thought I could do my first video, but I think it's too early.. I don't have a good video edit program and the video wouldn't be as I imagined it. I will do one (promised!), but not yet. Let's begin ♥ Love Fiona 

1. Where do you live? Once you said Germany, then Luxembourg?
I live in Germany. But my mom is from Luxembourg and my heart is always in Luxembourg. It's my home country. That's why I'm so often in there.

2. Do you have siblings?
Yes, I have one sister and one brother, both older than me. I'm the little one in the family :-)

3. Do you have a boyfriend? 
No I don't.

4. Do you have many friends?
Actually I don't. I can count my true friends in two hands.

5. What do you like about you, what not?
I try to be a good daughter and friend and hopefully I am this. What I don't like is that I'm very possessive and often increase myself into things.

6. What do you think is the most important thing in life? What has been your proudest moment so far?
The most important thing in life is family, that they're healthy forever. My proudest moment was when I was on fashion week. I couldn't believe my luck. I met so many people I look up to. I've got to know Kristina Bazan, Fanny Lyckman and my favorite blogger Kenza. It was amazing and I will never forget this event.

7.  What is you favorite song of all time?
EASY: Avicii - Wake me up. Best song EVER!! Everybody who knows me in person knows that haha.

8. If you had to choose only one clothing piece, what would it be?
Nothing.. I couldn't decide actually. 

9. What is your favorite movie of all time?
Difficult question! But I couldn't answer with one movie. I love Burlesque, all the movies with the stories from Nicholas Sparks and actually every movie where I cry.

10. What is your favorite book?
I don't have one favorite book. My favorite author is Nicholas Sparks. So I like all his books!

11. Will you do a "shoe" post?
Yes I will! So many of you have been asking that. But I want to do a video, because I can't take so many pictures. When I'll find a good edit program for videos, I will do it!

12. How many pair of shoes do you have exactly?
I have 90 pair of shoes.

13. How big is your closet? Do you have a walk-in-closet?
I have a 3x3 m closet. No I don't. That's actually one of my biggest dreams.

14. What is your favorite perfume?
My favorite perfume is Daisy from Marc Jacobs. Oh I could die when I smell it. But many others too, such as Chanel Chance :-)

15. What are your negative features?
If you would ask my mother she would tell you 1 thing: I'm very very very messy! My room is never tidy. I don't know why..

16. What is your favorite food?
I LOVE sushi.

17. What do you not eat at all?
Snail, snake, hare, rabbit, horse...

18. What do you hate in general?
conceited, arrogant, cocky, unfriendly people.

19. Where would you travel if you have 2 million euros?
I would travel around the world.

20. Where do you want to live in the future?
I don't know. There are many beautiful places. Let's see what the future will bring ♥



Hello! I woke up at 8 to get some stuff fixed before going to the city. My best friend and I met us at 11.30 in the city to talk and then we went to the hairdresser. Afterwards we ate something. Now I'm back home. My hair look fresh and healthy! What a feeling. I will tidy up my room now and tonight I will go out with my best friend. Happy Saturday guys! Much love, Fiona ♥

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