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2/9 DONE

Hello my loves! Now I'm finally home from my exams. Gosh, so much adrenaline in the past 5 hours! But now I'm done with 2 of 9 exams (English and Maths). Tomorrow comes Geography. In the break, I was at home watching TV to relax a bit and then my best friend surprised me with my favorite coffee and a little snack! I love those kind of surprises. We wrote on What's App and she said: Open the door. And I was like? Wtf? Why? And then she stood there with the coffee in the hand and a big smile ♥ I love her so much! I actually can't say it too often because my love to her is ENDLESS. 

One more thing. You know that, when you learned so much and you did so many things, you just have to do something different. I do shopping. I don't know why it just makes me 'cool down'. Maybe it's comparable with a cigarette? I don't know. I bought a new suit case for little trips (weekend etc) and some clothes (pictures below). I will show you everything when it arrives. Now I have to learn for the next exams. Lots of love!! Fiona ♥

Suit case from Titan here
Jeans from Asos, here

Sunnies from Asos, here

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