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5/9 DONE

Hello everyone! I'm home from my 5th exam and I'm so tired. This morning I had biology, which I really hate and don't understand at all. I had a bad mark in the last exam, so I had to learn to get the grade I need. I learned so many hours only for biology. The exam was really difficult, but I gave my best anyway! I hope that it is sufficient..

I came home to my package from Asos (their shipping is so fast!) and everything was the way I expected it. I'm so happy! Something positive finally! I will show you everything on Saturday or Sunday. I have to finish off my exams and then there will be MANY new posts I'll share with you. I've worked on many projects during the last 4 months and I will present them to you ASAP. Beneath you see some of my inspo pictures which I have taken as templates for the shoots. I hope you'll be just as excited as I am! 
Lots of love, Fiona ♥

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