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Exhausted! The only word I can say is exhausted. This morning I went to the gym after 4 weeks break. I cycled, ran and stretched my poor muscles, but I felt great afterwards. The summer is on its way, I have to get in shape! I did not have school today because it's holiday. Now I'm eating lunch (eggs with red pepper, yum!) and later today I will brain-storm a bit, because I promised I will show you many new editorials. But I didn't have them yet. The problem for a 16-year-old girl is, that she have to find a photographer and ideas (location, outfit, make-up, etc) to get amazing pictures. Not everyone can take pictures and sometimes a second person could help you to improve your ideas. But I think it will be all fine! 

Tomorrow I will get my first exam grades! Gosh I'm so nervous. Keep your fingers crossed!! Love, Fiona ♥

One of my inspo pictures (Rosie Huntington-Whiteley)

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