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GOOD MORNING ♥ I'm back home from Berlin. I spent 4 amazing days in Berlin with my dance crew. We did a lot! We arrived Thursday evening and went to KFC to get some food because we all were very hungry. On Friday morning we had breakfast and afterwards we went to the city. How many shops does Berlin have? TOO MANY! We went in literally every single shop on Kurfürstendamm. I bought some stuff but I will show it to you tomorrow or on Wednesday. At the evening I had dinner on top of a building with my good friend who lives in Berlin . The view was amazing. On Saturday we danced a bit to get some little questions fixed and then went to the city again! I only say two words: BRANDY MELVILLE! I've never been in this shop ever but I knew it from my cousine and Instagram. I absolutely ADORE this shop. The problem was, that I already spend my whole money into other things so I had not so much money for this store. But I bought one thing (pure happiness). After Asos this is my favorite shop now! On Saturday evening another group of my dance school had their occurring. They did the 3rd place (proud). On Sunday we had breakfast and then we packed our bags and suit cases. We did a little 'sightseeing tour' through Berlin. We were at the East Side Gallery and at some places where the series Berlin Tag & Nacht gets filmed. So interesting! On Sunday evening me and my crew had to show our show, but they were a bit late in their program. We had to go right after our occurs and this was very stressful! We had to catch our train. At 10 pm we go a message that we did the 2nd place! SO PROUD. Our trophy is so beautiful! Of course I took a million pictures and I will show you them in the next few days. Now I'm unpacking my suit case and relax the whole day because I have SUMMER HOLIDAYS!! 
So much love, Fiona ♥

Foto: Berliner Mauer ❤️ #berlinermauer #fionatravels #happiness #love
Foto: Shopping  #brandyusa #brandymelvilleusa
Foto: ❤️ #berlin #goodfriend #fionatravels #monkeybar #happiness #love
Foto: #kurfürstendamm #shopping #berlin #happiness #love
Foto: #fernsehturm #berlin #fionatravels #happiness #love

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