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Q/A #tag part I

Good morning and welcome to my first Q/A #tag! Today I will answer all of your questions you've asked me during the past 2 weeks - there were many, that's why it's the first part! Thanks for all the questions and I hope I won't forget one. I thought I could do my first video, but I think it's too early.. I don't have a good video edit program and the video wouldn't be as I imagined it. I will do one (promised!), but not yet. Let's begin ♥ Love Fiona 

1. Where do you live? Once you said Germany, then Luxembourg?
I live in Germany. But my mom is from Luxembourg and my heart is always in Luxembourg. It's my home country. That's why I'm so often in there.

2. Do you have siblings?
Yes, I have one sister and one brother, both older than me. I'm the little one in the family :-)

3. Do you have a boyfriend? 
No I don't.

4. Do you have many friends?
Actually I don't. I can count my true friends in two hands.

5. What do you like about you, what not?
I try to be a good daughter and friend and hopefully I am this. What I don't like is that I'm very possessive and often increase myself into things.

6. What do you think is the most important thing in life? What has been your proudest moment so far?
The most important thing in life is family, that they're healthy forever. My proudest moment was when I was on fashion week. I couldn't believe my luck. I met so many people I look up to. I've got to know Kristina Bazan, Fanny Lyckman and my favorite blogger Kenza. It was amazing and I will never forget this event.

7.  What is you favorite song of all time?
EASY: Avicii - Wake me up. Best song EVER!! Everybody who knows me in person knows that haha.

8. If you had to choose only one clothing piece, what would it be?
Nothing.. I couldn't decide actually. 

9. What is your favorite movie of all time?
Difficult question! But I couldn't answer with one movie. I love Burlesque, all the movies with the stories from Nicholas Sparks and actually every movie where I cry.

10. What is your favorite book?
I don't have one favorite book. My favorite author is Nicholas Sparks. So I like all his books!

11. Will you do a "shoe" post?
Yes I will! So many of you have been asking that. But I want to do a video, because I can't take so many pictures. When I'll find a good edit program for videos, I will do it!

12. How many pair of shoes do you have exactly?
I have 90 pair of shoes.

13. How big is your closet? Do you have a walk-in-closet?
I have a 3x3 m closet. No I don't. That's actually one of my biggest dreams.

14. What is your favorite perfume?
My favorite perfume is Daisy from Marc Jacobs. Oh I could die when I smell it. But many others too, such as Chanel Chance :-)

15. What are your negative features?
If you would ask my mother she would tell you 1 thing: I'm very very very messy! My room is never tidy. I don't know why..

16. What is your favorite food?
I LOVE sushi.

17. What do you not eat at all?
Snail, snake, hare, rabbit, horse...

18. What do you hate in general?
conceited, arrogant, cocky, unfriendly people.

19. Where would you travel if you have 2 million euros?
I would travel around the world.

20. Where do you want to live in the future?
I don't know. There are many beautiful places. Let's see what the future will bring ♥

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