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Hello!! After school I went to the zoo with a good friend of mine to spend some time together. I LOVE the zoo so much. It stands on my TO-DO-LIST for so long now and today was finally the day. I'm so fascinated about all the animals. But the polar bears did me really sorry! It was 35 degrees warm! I wore a skirt and a t-shirt and it was still so freaking hot. The poor polar bears..

After the zoo we went to Vapiano to eat something. It was delicious. We both ate salad. The day was quite perfect, except when a man in the train dropped his drink over me.. But the drink was cold so it was a bit 'refreshing' though. Much love, Fiona ♥

My favorite picture ♥
Poor poor polar bear :( I wanted to cuddle him in this moment 
These animals are so fascinating!

He was tired..
Is this position comfortable? 
Que cazzo vuoi?! 

I think this is an italian chimpanzee..  

The cutest and biggest animal ever. Look into his eyes!! *No I'm not cute* haha

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