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Good morning! I woke up at 9 today because I have to get some stuff fixed before I go to Berlin on Thursday (EXCITED AS HELL!). I wrote a big to-do-list yesterday, to be sure I won't forget something. Anyways. I ordered a book on Sunday and this morning it arrived. I was so happy and excited to read it! It's the 'Influence' by the Olsen-Twins. GOSH I loooove this book. I'm obsessed with it. I started reading it and was so fascinated about the pictures, interviews..EVERYTHING. If you love fashion, lifestyle and other opinions of fashion, you have to buy this book because you will learn so so much of it. 'It' by Alexa Chung is amazing as well, but I like Influence a little bit more. These two books are my favorite books right now. Go and buy it!! Now I'm getting ready to go to the city. So much love, Fiona ♥

Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen signing copies of their new book 'Influence', Borders Bookstore, Westwood, CA. Outside the store PETA had protesters with signs calling the sisters 'Fur Tramps'

Pictures found on Google Pictures 

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