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Hello my dear readers! Because I'm going on vacay in less than 48 hours, I thought it was time to give you some tips/hints of my travel routine. I wanted to show you what's important for me in the preparation. I'm also going to talk about my travel essentials - things I can't travel without! When it comes to my suitcase, I am very neat. Everything must be matched exactly and I can't forget anything! I have to think about which pair of shorts matches with which t-shirt and so on. I have to pack everything in order, because when I arrive in my hotel room it will be such a mess when I unpack my suitcase. Therefore I have a real system when it comes to 'packing'! I count the shoes I take with me to be sure I will wear them all. In my past vacays I took too many shoes with me and afterwards I had to carry them around for nothing. In my sponge bag I have everything I need. And at the end I have a perfectly packed suitcase. And if it get lost at the airport, everything was in vain. I hope that will not happen!

In my handbag for the air port it's important to be organized. Be sure you have your ID card/passport and your board card ready to hand! In my handbag are only the things I really need for a flight: My purse with my ID card and my board card, my keys (yes I always take them with me!), my carmex lipbalm, a concealer (to look fresh after the flight), a little notebook with pen (when I brainstorm during the flight), my iPhone charger and of course my iPhone! I take my camera always in my hand or in my handbag because I could never risk it to pack it into my suitcase (who does this?!). I hope this has helped you, much love, Fiona ♥

Travel inspo by @kristina_bazan
Travel inspo by @songofstyle
Travel inspo from Tumblr


  1. Schöner Post, ich wünsche dir ganz viel Spaß im Urlaub und genieß es :-)
    Caro :*

  2. schöner blog und tolle fotos :)
    grüße hanna x3


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