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Good morning my dear readers! As you know I'm certainly not able to tell you what I've done in the past months. But today is the day! I'm so happy and thankful to tell you, that I got featured as a trending fashion blogger in the online magazine MessMagazine!

Mess Magazine is a distinctive fashion magazine, involving streamlined fashion and culture with involvement from artistic and proficient photographers, writers and stylists. With incentive and authentic content, Mess Magazine includes all aspects of not only fashion but also culture. We do not only cover the latest and greatest in the unzipped world of fashion, but we include articles featuring the supreme works of art, design, film and music.

The three issues we have already released gained over 230,000 views, and for the upcoming issue we predict this amount to double. The quality of editorials is undeniably higher with every photo shoot we stand behind, the looks are getting more and more interesting and also more high-fashion-alike. So far we were able to present clothes from the most recognizable fashion houses, such as Alexander McQueen, Kenzo, Charlotte Olympia, Maison Martin Margiela, Oscar de la Renta and Alexander Wang.

The fact that Mess Magazine is written in English enables us to a wider spectrum of readers. Our recipients come from all around the world and we're being noticed by the those who set standards in the fashion industry. Among our Instagram followers we have fashion icons just as Anja Rubik, designers for brands like Alexander McQueen, Chantal Thomas and Linda Farrow, fashion editors for Glamour, Fashion TV and Fashion ONE.

I followed them for so long and I was incredibly happy to have been asked by them if they can write something about me. Now it's out and I love it. All the pictures are unpublished and are coming soon on my blog. Special thanks to Lucy for making it happen. Click here to see it. A billion kisses, Fiona ♥

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