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Happy Friday everyone! Hope you have great plans for tonight/the whole weekend because I have! Tonight I'm going out (I have to enjoy the last couple of weeks of my holidays), tomorrow it's my fathers birthday and on Sunday we will make a 'family day', because I wanted to see all of my childhood pictures AND videos. I'm the kind of girl who loves memories and the whole childhood thing ☺ I love getting remembered what I've done when I was little. Do you like it too or am I the only one? Maybe I will show you pictures of the best shots of me haha. I wish you a great weekend guys - enjoy it. Lots of kisses, Fiona ♥


  1. Dein Englisch ist immer so gut! :)
    Fällt es dir leicht auf Englisch zu schreiben?

    1. Vielen lieben Dank! Ja so gut wie, es sind allerdings trotzdem immer paar Fehler drin.. Ich liebe die englische Sprache, es ist mein Lieblingsfach in der Schule haha :) Liebe Grüße!


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