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GOOD MORNING! I'm back home from vacation and I have mixed feelings to be here. In Germany it's less than 20 degrees and in Turkey it was always hotter than 35 degrees, that's a big switch for me now. I have so much to say about this vacay because it was literally AMAZING. Everything was perfect and the way I expected it. I got to know some nice people and I had time to spend with my family. There's nothing better than this. My routine was actually everyday the same: waking up, having breakfast, getting ready for the beach, going to the beach and then just RELAX. We spent the most of our time at the beach because we don't have an ocean in Germany and the sea is better than the pool. As promised, I took a BILLION pictures for you. It's everything in there: editorials, outfits, photo diary, resort pictures, etc. I have to get them on my laptop ASAP (maybe 1000 pictures to look, sort out, edit and upload!). The best thing: I'VE GOT SOME TAN. My skin is always white and when I'm on vacay I'm happy when I get a little darker. But after this vacay I got a pretty nice colour :)! When school starts again, my class mates won't ask if I wasn't on vacation haha. So this was what I wanted to write you first. As already said there will be many posts in the next few weeks. If you followed me on Instagram @fionaschubert, you may have seen some pictures. I hope you will like them! So much love and many kisses, Fiona ♥

Some of my favorite pictures. Follow me on Instagram for more: @fionaschubert


  1. Fionaa, du bist wieder im Lande! Endlich :-)
    Hab dir gerne über Instagram gefolgt und gesehen, was zu so getrieben hast :-)
    Hast du eigentlich auch schon mal überlegt, Videos für YouTube zu drehen? Also einfach mal so Fragen&Antworten Videos, FMAs, Outfitvideos oder sowas? :-)
    Grüße Caro

    1. Danke, es gab echt so viel zu zeigen! Ich habe es mir bereits überlegt und vielleicht werde ich anfangen. Aber das ist noch im Hinterkopf. Es gibt noch andere Dinge die ich zuerst aufgreifen möchte ♥

      Liebe Grüße!


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