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Hello ladies and gentlemen! I'm happy that I found time to write this. Today is just a normal Wednesday to me. I'm answering emails and editing some pictures. I had school until 3.30 pm and I'm so tired after these 9 hours of school. On some days I don't have any break in school?! It's because of the selections of my classes. When I come home I just want to sleep. But I can't because so much stuff is waiting for me. I face-timed (I don't know if this is correct, anyways) with my dad because he's currently in the USA for two weeks! The worst thing about that is, that I'm not gonna see him for three weeks, because I'm going to Mallorca in nearly one week. This is so freaking sad. Can't wait to see him. I just wanted to update you a bit. Tomorrow there will be a new post. Stay tuned and see you tomorrow. Kisses!

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