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Hello! As already said, I will give you some hints of what will happen in the next 2 weeks. So this post will be all about a DIY I did some days ago, when I had some free time. I really like DIY's because sometimes I don't find what I want and then I like it more to do it by my own. I made a bag out of PVC ( faux leather) and some grey fleece. I was really surprised how nice it came out, because my design skills are not that good. I'm really happy with this bag and I think I'm gonna make more of them in different colours. I love it when I work for something and at the end it looks like I wanted it. The bag is not finished yet, because I have to find the perfect zipper! I ran to literally EVERY SINGLE art store in here and there was no perfect zipper of 40 cm?! If you guys know an online store who sells black/silver zipper 40 cm long PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE write below in the comment box. It would mean the world to me! And maybe you can guess which dream will come true? Hugs! ♥

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