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Hello :-) Hope you are all fine and had a nice day! I can't wait until tomorrow. So exciting to be back in the capital. As I already said, I have a million plans (I really did a timetable, how crazy?!). It's necessary to be organized, but I think it won't work anyways haha. I will be there for 3 days and this time I will bring my beloved laptop with me (first trip with my Macbook baby, excited and scared at the same time). I can update my blog in my hotel room which is AMAZING. And that means, that I am able to post pictures during my stay! It makes me so happy. As usual I have my phone, Canon and Polaroid with me. Make sure to have a look on my Instagram profile (@fionaschubert) as well, because I guess I will update my blog in the evening and I will update my IG during the day. I have packed my suit case and bags and I am totally ready to travel again! Have a nice evening, kisses and hugs! 

Little selfie from my bed. No I don't woke up like this haha. 


Good morning my loves! First day of holiday! I'm ready for an amazing week. As you can see I have a lot of posts to show you from my Mallorca trip 1 month ago (gosh, time went by so fast!!), the better posts are coming soon :-) Now I'm having breakfast and then I will get ready. I have a million plans for this week and I hope I will get them done. I have 4 more Mallorca posts for you and then you will see all the pictures I shot in the past 2 months. The picture below is one of them. I wanted to try something new and I like the result. Do you like it? And I recognized that I haven't done outfit pictures in AGES!! I have to change that ASAP. But first you get my summer sunny beach pictures, because it's getting winter and everyone need some "summer" right now. Have a lovely day guys! PS: My wrist got much much much better and I can move it a bit. But I have to wear my bandage a little longer to make sure it's okay (update of my left tendinitis wrist).








Good morning my lovely readers! I'm writing this post because I have 3 free lessons now. I'm using this time to find some nice places in Berlin, since I will be there next week (so freaking excited!!!). I've already got some nice spots/insiders. I have so many ideas/plans what I am going to do. Berlin is so big and you have so many opportunities there. I'm writing down a list and when I am there I will do as much as I can. And if I am already here, could you guys give me some advices for nice spots in Berlin? Suddenly my friend won't be there in this time so I have to find everything by myself. I guess it will be fun! Love! PS:  There will be a new post on Friday so make sure you won't miss it!

#tb - my first trip to Berlin




Helle my loves! I updated my Kleiderkreisel profile this weekend with a hundred new items. I really need to get them away from my closet because I need more space for the 'better' stuff. So please please please head over to my profile and if you like something, do not hesitate to make an offer. I accept every offer since it's really urgent. All the prices are inclusive shipping. SHOP NOW HERE. Love!

// Hallo ihr Lieben! Ich habe am Wochenende mein Kleiderkreisel Profil mit neuen Sachen gefüllt. Ich muss all die Sachen loswerden weil ich absolut keinen Platz mehr in meinem Kleiderschrank habe. Mein Zimmer ist sowieso schon super klein und deshalb muss alles weg. Wenn euch eine oder mehrere Sachen gefallen, zögert bitte nicht mir Preisangebote zu machen. Da es gerade wirklich dringend ist, nehme ich alle an. Alle Preise sind inklusive Versand. Wenn ihr fragen habt, schreibt mir! SHOPPT JETZT HIER. Love!


Castell de Belver in Mallorca 

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