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Hello my loves! Today is the day - today starts a new chapter of my social life. I FINALLY got my (amazing, gorgeous, breathtaking, incredible..) Macbook Pro! This feels so unreal! I can't believe it. Why I'm so happy? I've got my first laptop in age 11, an Fujitsu (second hand), which was heavy, slowly and not up-to-date. I've worked with this laptop 5 years and I have never complained (except the last few months, since the battery is broken and the laptop shut down a billion times). But I was always thankful for having one. Now I have a brand new laptop which has enough space for all of my documents and pictures. The best part is actually that I don't have to start it 10 times because of the battery (now I can work 8 hours without a charger!) and that I'm able to edit my pictures within 5 min. I've chosen the Apple Macbook Pro 15" with Retina display for the best quality of my pictures. I feel so incredibly happy, grateful and blessed. I'm totally ready for a fresh start. So much love and hugs!

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