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Hi guys! Quick post to tell you that I LOVE my new products I got from the USA. The lip balm is a 100% the best I ever tried and the Tangle Teezer as well. I'm not complaining at all :) I use these products everyday and I really recommend them. If you are searching for an amazing lip balm: buy EOS! Smooth lips all day long (and an amazing taste/smell as well). And if I'm already here to tell you what I love.. I adore my Macbook webcam. I'm able to do an quick update like this in 5 min and I'm totally happy with it. My wrist is still not good but I hope this will change in the next weeks. So much love to you all <3

(photos taken in my kitchen.. Do you like the robot and the pic in the background? These were my projects in art some years ago haha)

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