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Hello my loves! A few days ago my hand started to hurt again after nearly 5 months of break. I have NO idea why I get this or what I do to get this. I have a tendonitis on my left hand wrist several times a year, sometimes it feels like nothing, but sometimes it hurts as hell! Like now! I have to wear a bandage, so that the tendon is not unnecessarily strained. When I remove the bandage it hurts so badly that I have to put on the bandage again. AHH I HATE IT. And the worst thing about it: I can't do anything against it. The only thing I can do is: Wearing this bandage. Does anyone of you had a tendonitis and could give me some tips what I can do? Write below please please please! Fortunately I am able to write this and post something for you. Maybe I will be better in a few weeks. Hopefully you're all fine and healthy. Now I will eat ice-cream and watch tv. Tomorrow is holiday, NO SCHOOL! Lots of love! 

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