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Good morning my loves! First day of holiday! I'm ready for an amazing week. As you can see I have a lot of posts to show you from my Mallorca trip 1 month ago (gosh, time went by so fast!!), the better posts are coming soon :-) Now I'm having breakfast and then I will get ready. I have a million plans for this week and I hope I will get them done. I have 4 more Mallorca posts for you and then you will see all the pictures I shot in the past 2 months. The picture below is one of them. I wanted to try something new and I like the result. Do you like it? And I recognized that I haven't done outfit pictures in AGES!! I have to change that ASAP. But first you get my summer sunny beach pictures, because it's getting winter and everyone need some "summer" right now. Have a lovely day guys! PS: My wrist got much much much better and I can move it a bit. But I have to wear my bandage a little longer to make sure it's okay (update of my left tendinitis wrist).

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