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Good morning my beautiful beautiful readers! Hope you had an amazing weekend. I relaxed as much as I could. Yesterday was a pure girly day and it felt so good! I woke up at 8, took my shower, blow dried my hair, painted my nails, had a face mask and had an amazing breakfast with sandwiches, juice and ofc, COFFEE. Then I got dressed - since it was sunny outside I wore a pair of shorts and a t-shirt with a beige leather jacket! Maybe you saw the outfit on Instagram (@fionaschubert). And in the evening I was at the cinema with my dad. We watched "Gone girl". OKAY. Am I the only one who think this movie is CRAZY? help. You have to watch it because you never saw something like this before. I was so shocked when I went out... Anyways, I slept well. This morning I woke up at 7. I don't know, it gets earlier everyday.. haha. It's definitely because of school. But I had my coffee and now I'm totally ready for the day. What are you doing today? Write below! :-) Have a nice day, love love love. 

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