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Hello :-) Hope you are all fine and had a nice day! I can't wait until tomorrow. So exciting to be back in the capital. As I already said, I have a million plans (I really did a timetable, how crazy?!). It's necessary to be organized, but I think it won't work anyways haha. I will be there for 3 days and this time I will bring my beloved laptop with me (first trip with my Macbook baby, excited and scared at the same time). I can update my blog in my hotel room which is AMAZING. And that means, that I am able to post pictures during my stay! It makes me so happy. As usual I have my phone, Canon and Polaroid with me. Make sure to have a look on my Instagram profile (@fionaschubert) as well, because I guess I will update my blog in the evening and I will update my IG during the day. I have packed my suit case and bags and I am totally ready to travel again! Have a nice evening, kisses and hugs! 

Little selfie from my bed. No I don't woke up like this haha. 

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