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OMG NEW YEAR IN PARIS! How freaking amazing is this?! Hello btw! I'm super excited to tell you that I am going to spend another beautiful new year's eve in Paris. Me, my family and my cousin were there 2 years ago for New year as well. This city is so beautiful! A little more when everything is lightened with christmas lights. I was in Paris 2 times, when I was little and 2 years ago. This time will be better I think, because I have a good camera with me. I will take a MILLION pictures I guess haha :-) We will visit le louvre, l'arc de triomphe and ofc le tour Eiffel. I ordered a beautiful dress and I can't wait to wear it on this evening :-) AND AND AND it's my birthday on Tuesday. SEVENTEEN. So excited for this as well. This month will be amazing (except my exams, I don't need them in this beautiful time..who agrees?). Wish you an amazing start for the week, I'm baking lots of cakes now. Hugs! <3

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Hello my loves! I hope you are all fine! I'm finally completely healthy again. It's still pretty cold outside but I put some jackets on and that's it. Now I'm watching Gossip Girl. Am I the only one who don't know who 'Gossip Girl' is? I love this series. I started 2 years ago and I'm still not at the end. I borrowed the Episodes 1-3 from my cousin and I finished them. Then I started watching PLL and now I have to make a break of PLL because the other episodes are not out yet... And now I'm back at Gossip Girl hopefully watching the END! Complicated, complicated haha. Anyways, the pictures below were taken some weeks ago. I loved this look: Simple white tee, leather jacket, jeans and a straight pony tail. Everyday school look :-) Happy Friday loves, hugs!

Zara jacket, Brandy Melville tee, Mango necklace


Coat and bag - Vintage, Scarf - Review, T-Shirt -Brandy Melville, Leggings - VS Pink, Shoes - Kurt Geiger, Ring - Brandy Melville 



Good evening my loved ones! I'm totally healthy again after the past weeks full of sickness and injuries. Tomorrow in 2 weeks my exams start and I'm so nervous. I haven't learned yet and that's not so good, but luckily I don't have any subjects I absolutely don't understand. Tomorrow is Monday, and I'm so so ready!! Not so normal, but I did my homework and the other work from last week today, so I don't have to do something tomorrow. There's another reason why this Monday is not a normal Monday. My parents were in the US for 2 weeks and tomorrow they are FINALLY back. Gosh! I'm so happy. I know I'm not that young anymore but who does not need his/her parents?! As you already know I'm a total family person and to not have BOTH of them at home for 2 weeks it quiet hard! Actually a bit more when you have to manage all the housekeeping stuff alone. Cleaning, cooking, washing, etc. And then also your own stuff such as homework, learning, BLOGGING, dancing, all your hobbies. So hard. In those situations you realize how much your mum actually do every single day. Be thankful for everything! Parents, if you read this, thank you for everything. I miss you and I'm happy to have you back tomorrow (they're probably sitting in the airplane right now but maybe..haha) Hugs! <3 



Good morning! Or bad morning? I'm so so so sorry I haven't posted something since Sunday -  I'm totally sick. When I've got home from the competition on Saturday, I felt not good. On Sunday it got worse and worse and on Monday I had so much pain in my throat I couldn't really eat something. It hurt like hell! But I went to school anyway and did everything I'm supposed to be on normal weekdays. But on Tuesday evening it was so bad that I couldn't even swallow without pain. On Wednesday I visited the doctor and he said I have an angina of the salpingopalatine fold (doctor's talk), and it is nearly a pharyngitis. It hurts soooo badly! Why does this happen to me all the time? Some weeks ago I had a tendonitis wrist, meanwhile I had some cough and now this. I am excused from school until Friday and I really hope that it gets better from Monday. I have to recover properly. Down below you see all the medicine I have to take (luckily they really help!). Bon Appetit! Love. 



Hi loves! Here you have my make up from yesterday's competition. I actually like this heavy make up, because it covers all your fatigue and blemishes haha. I applied my favorite BB Primer and BB Cream from Missha Cosmetics and some bronzer powder from P2. Then I applied some eyeshadow from Claire's and blended it into my crease. I used my two favorite mascaras from L'Oréal (Million Lashes Mascara) and my more expensive one from Lancome (Hypnose). To finish the look I applied a big red lipstick from Kiko, which is 10 hours long lasting, perfect for occasions like this. To make sure that everything stays in place, I sprayed hair spray on my face (not good for your skin, but for a few hours it's okay, super trick!!). I was happy though when I was finally allowed to remove all the make up in my face. What a feeling, who agrees?! :-) Hugs!!


Pullover and bag - Zara, Shorts - MissGuided, Shoes -, sunnies - Forever 21 


Good morning! Today is finally Saturday! I slept as long as I could (until now and still so tired) and I'm on my way to the fridge to have breakfast.  My week was so stressful that I look like sh*t and nothing can change that (except sleep ofc). I have to take my shower later today and make myself a little prettier, because today I have a competition with my dance crew First Class. We trained so hard (nearly everyday since 1 week) and now we can't wait to go on the stage :-) feels so good! I hope we will achieve a good place! Have a nice day guys and relax a bit. Tomorrow is already Sunday.. ENJOY! <3 

Quick pictures - I woke up exactly like this. 





Hello my lovely readers! As I already posted, the collection of Alexander Wang for H&M is out (or was out?). Of course I had to get my hands on one of the items. Currently I have to save my money for something big that will happen next year. Something really special. I'm saving every cent that I get (except of my fashion buys, oops). And therefore I 'only' bought this sweater. When I saw this sweater in the pre-show, I thought: I NEED THIS SWEATER. Said, happened. As already written in one of my last posts, I sat in school reloading the page a million times to get this item. Today it finally arrived. I'm the kind of girl who reloads the tracking page every 10 seconds, because I am so excited to get my purchase. This morning, the page said: Arrived in the main package station/will be delivered today. I was SO happy. At 4pm I reloaded the page, but the delivery was not finished yet. So I was actually pretty sad because I thought it would arrive today. I thought: tomorrow  is another day. Half an hour later, the post man rang my door and my beautiful sweater arrived!!! :-) I was sooo happy! I shot these pictures and afterwards I couldn't wait wearing it. Big love!



Good morning beautiful people! Hope you are fine. This weekend was too short in my opinion. SO much to do and no time. On Friday I met some friends to celebrate my best friends 18th birthday. We surprised her with a cozy dinner and it was so nice to spend time with them! Yesterday I had training for 5 hours because we have a competition next weekend. After that I was so exhausted that I had to sleep! Today I woke up at 7, don't know why. We have 7 hours of training today, which will be more exhausting than yesterday. Now I am having breakfast, means: a lot of coffee! I have an exam tomorrow and I haven't learned anything  yet (bad, very bad). When I come home tonight I have to learn until tomorrow I think haha! No just kidding. Let's do this!! Have a nice day - hugs! PS: My tendonitis wrist is healed, if you're wondering :-)

Sneak peek of the next posts, coming very soon :-)


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