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HI! Today is a big day I've waited SO LONG for - the collection of Alexander Wang for H&M is finally AVAILABLE! I'm a huge fan of collaborations, especially when it comes to designers like Isabel Marant and Alexander Wang. Their own clothing line is too expensive for people in my age. The clothing is not something that I could buy now. That's why I was so excited for this collection again (as by Isabel Marant). The collection of AW is more sporty/chic at the same time. Isabel Marants collection was more western style/casual. I love it when the designers make something completely different. So today was the day! I'm actually pretty sad that the H&M store in my city does not have the collection so I had to buy it online. The worst part is: it's Thursday. I had school at 10am, so I could not be on my laptop. I spent half an hour on my iphone in school reloading the page to get my hands on my favorite (because the website was always down! After waiting so long it's finally MINE (when I finally got the confirmation email I smiled as a kid in the candy shop)! Down below you can see my favorites of the whole collection! Have you bought something from the collection? If yes, what? HUGS :-)


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