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Good morning beautiful people! I am back home now. Before I begin: I am so sorry that I haven't posted something. I know I said I would during these 3 days, but the problem was, that the hotel had a problem with their Internet and I had no Wi-Fi at all. The hotspot of my phone was too bad to give my laptop internet, so this thought was also done. But I did many pictures and if you followed me on Instagram, I had amazing days there. Berlin is such a nice city, with so much life inside. I bought too much I think, but I needed it all (not really, but yeah, I love all of it haha). The post of what I’ve bought is tomorrow on my blog. Today I wanted to do a quick update since I was not able to post something in the past 3 days (again: so sorry for this!!). I had a dance performance one hour ago, so much fun :-)! Have a nice day and enjoy the last day of holiday. Kisses!

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