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Hello my loves! I hope you are all fine! I'm finally completely healthy again. It's still pretty cold outside but I put some jackets on and that's it. Now I'm watching Gossip Girl. Am I the only one who don't know who 'Gossip Girl' is? I love this series. I started 2 years ago and I'm still not at the end. I borrowed the Episodes 1-3 from my cousin and I finished them. Then I started watching PLL and now I have to make a break of PLL because the other episodes are not out yet... And now I'm back at Gossip Girl hopefully watching the END! Complicated, complicated haha. Anyways, the pictures below were taken some weeks ago. I loved this look: Simple white tee, leather jacket, jeans and a straight pony tail. Everyday school look :-) Happy Friday loves, hugs!

Zara jacket, Brandy Melville tee, Mango necklace

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