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OMG NEW YEAR IN PARIS! How freaking amazing is this?! Hello btw! I'm super excited to tell you that I am going to spend another beautiful new year's eve in Paris. Me, my family and my cousin were there 2 years ago for New year as well. This city is so beautiful! A little more when everything is lightened with christmas lights. I was in Paris 2 times, when I was little and 2 years ago. This time will be better I think, because I have a good camera with me. I will take a MILLION pictures I guess haha :-) We will visit le louvre, l'arc de triomphe and ofc le tour Eiffel. I ordered a beautiful dress and I can't wait to wear it on this evening :-) AND AND AND it's my birthday on Tuesday. SEVENTEEN. So excited for this as well. This month will be amazing (except my exams, I don't need them in this beautiful time..who agrees?). Wish you an amazing start for the week, I'm baking lots of cakes now. Hugs! <3

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